Fanfare Salins

Vendredi 14 février 2020
à 19h
Concert "Rhapsodie pour deux"

avec le duo  „Tutto a Dio“ Facebook

Greta Staponkutė (alto) & Augustinas Rakauskas (accordion)

“Tutto a Dio” – it is a duet of two exceptional musicians: Greta Staponkutė (viola) and Augustinas Rakauskas (accordion). The duet is appreciated for charismatic and exquisite performances colored by professional and creative musicality. “Tutto a Dio” won the first prize in the prestigious “Trophée Mondial - 2017” in France. The duo has won first prizes

in international competitions “Premio Internazionale di Castelfidardo 2017” (Italy), “Coupe Mondiale – 2018” (Lithuania), Grand Prix „Sion-2014” (Switzerland). “Tutto a Dio” performances enchanted the audience in California, Maine, Colorado, Florida, Denver, New York, New Hampshire (USA), Switzerland, Latvia, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey. The duo is invited to participate in various international events in Europe and North America, as well as in Lithuanian embassies abroad. Curiosity and constant aspiration for improvement are another prominent features of the members of „Tutto a Dio”: Greta and Augustinas have graduated two Master studies at the Lausanne Academy of Music in Switzerland.

CHF 25.-

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